Thursday, January 04, 2007

What? There's knitting?!

Contrary to what you might think. There HAS been knitting going on. Granted, you haven't seen it, but nonetheless....

A new purse! This is a larger version of the Runabout Bag that I made before. It's a lovely bag. But it. Is. Too.Small. I carry way too much crap with me. Although it really is the essentials. The problem is that I have to carry my "office" with me in case I get bookings. Hence a cell phone & a PDA (I don't like the combo phone/PDA thingies). I have to bring my hearing aid remote control with me. Spare batteries for the hearing aids. A comb. Chapstick. My wallet. So. A larger bag it is! It's not black. That is actually "Pond Heather", a dark teal /blue/green. Yes, the inner pocket that I have laid on the outside is 2 toned. I had some left over lopi from a previous project. Since this was going on the inside, who cares that it is 2 colours?

I forgot to take a picture, but the handle is NOT going to be I-cord! Had enough of that the last time! Besides, I found this pattern and thought it would make a good strap for the purse.

Moving on. I was at work, knitting on my sock. (yeah, I knit at work, ya gonna do something about it?) When disaster struck!

Naturally I did not have a spare. There was no crazy glue in the store. Eeek! I tried taping it together, but then the needle was too thick and moving my stitches was a chore. So I had to put it down and read my book instead. Quelle dommage.

Happily, I do have a spare set at home.