Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Open Letter

This is an open letter to the dullard who walked intothe store at 9:59.

Dear Dullard, Our store closes at 10pm. If you come in at 9:59, please choose your items quickly and leave. Wandering around while a helpful staff member says "We are closing, I can rng you though now" is not a suggestion. Furthermore, please do not pay for your items in painstakingly counted out pennies. Everyone is standing around waiting for you to leave so they can go home. Lastly, do not spend 10 minutes figuring out how to pack the item in your backpack and another 5 minutes putting on your backpack and mittens. As a final word of advice, do not try to engage the staff member at the door in conversation. He is standing there waiting for you to leave so he can lock the door and go home!

Our store opens at 8am. Next time, please come at a reasonable hour and you can wander to your heart's content. Or I won't be responsible for any insults thrown your way.

The woman who was waiting by the door for you to leave.