Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'll Sleep On It

Like many peope, I have a spouse who snores. This interrupts my beauty rest. So I keep buying new pillows in the hope it will curtail the noise. Latest experment was a buckwheat pillow. Supposedly, it gives better support to the neck and keeps it in a neutral position. Tried it. Husband hated it. I was curious so I tried it.

In the past, I have slept on hard pillows. I do not like it. My ear will occasionally hurt even if I am sleeping on a feather pillow. So sleeping on what was essentially a beanbag seemed rather...dubious.

The pillow I bought was the $20 buckwheat pillow from the showcase store at the mall. You know the store...the one that sells all the 'Made for tv' stuf like Bumpits etc....

To sleep on the beanbag pillow, the instructions say to smooth out the surface and then make a shallow bowl in the cente. then lie down on the pillow and pull firmly to the shoulders.

I did that. I slept wonderfully! I didn't hear the hubby snoring. I eally likemy pillow. If my ear feels a little tender, I simply push some of the stuffing out to make a hollow for my ear.

I did find the $20 pillow a little small. So I bought a queen sized one. This one has a zipper in the side, so I could pull out some of the stuffing if it was too high.
Which I did wind up doing.

The verdict is that I sleep better on the buckwheat pillow. I love mine. Try it.

Monday, August 16, 2010

huh? whut?

I still have about 8 pattern rows to go on my Rill cardi. It's too hot to knit for long. Today was my day off work and I spent it running around, getting the car fixed up,groceries, setting up dinner for later in the week when I m working....and I did all of this with a headache. So knitting progress has slowed.

I did, however, while poking around on the internet, find an interesting website on how to tie your shoelaces. Sound straightforward? Not really. Apparently a pair of shoes with 6 eyelet pairs has 2 trillion different ways you can tie your shoe. Who knew?

Monday, August 09, 2010

Black Blobbing Along

Forgive the 'black blob' pics, but it's raining and crappy out today, and frankly, it's not an FO shot, so the pics are not ones I slaved over too hard.

Yup, sleeves are attached and decreases started. Here's a marginally better pic of sleeve attachment:

Taking pictures of black yarn is hard. Doing it when it's overcast and rainy is nigh well impossible. However, this does mean that I am in the home stretch! Now to keep track of where the various decreases are....


Friday, August 06, 2010

Fingernail Friday!

Monday, August 02, 2010

Visible Progress

Fianlly, visible progress on my T-Rill!

Yup, those are sleeves! Actually, the sleeves are now attached to the body of the sweater and knitting continues apace. This pattern has basically no finishing. Although I did wind up with a couple of small holes in the armpit area, that should be easily closed up at the end. And hardly constitutes much finishing.