Sunday, January 28, 2007

Holding Out!

I've been holding out on y'all! But first, a pic of the quick knit I put together yesterday:

It's a rug! I finally found a use for all the t-shirts I cut up in a calamari knitting frenzy. I decided we need it because the snow has made taking the garbage out a little more messy!

Here is the rug in action. This only took me an evening to whip up.

This , on the other hand, is over a weeks worth of steady knitting:

The beginnings of Raspy.

I am really digging this knit. The dropped stitches are cool (I marked one for you on the pic!), the yarn is neat, and the overall pattern is fairly easy. All good things. I did decide to knit it in the round. The front and back are identical, so I figured I would skip some of the seaming this way. I'm also thinking I will make the boatneck a little narrower. I want to be able to wear a bra without the straps showing! (actually, I need to wear a bra..)

The yarn is Rowan Denim in Nashville Blue. It almost looks black, it's so dark. I like it!

And now, for your entertainment, a couple of "artsy" shots I took while messing around with the camera!

Frosted windows! I quite like the sparkliness of them. Although I don't like the cold they represent!