Friday, January 05, 2007

Funny and Finished

For the funny part:
Ever mis-hear song lyrics? It's even funnier when you are hard of hearing like me! I just heard "Smack That" by Akon feat Eminem. I thought the lyric went "let me in your lobby". Typical crap music lyric I thought. It actually says "Lamborghini Gallardo" Silly me! In a side note, when I was typing up this post, I spelled it Llamborghini! Apparently, once a knitter, always a knitter. With llamas on the brain!

That brings us to the "finished" portion of the post. A knitting finish, no less! Wa la! (sorry Norma! couldn't resist)

I am so pleased with how theses socks turned out! My first toe-ups, my first short-row heel, my first not-straight-stockinette AND my first Elizabeth Zimmerman sewn stretchy cast-off!

Basic stats

Yarn: Fleece Artist sock yarn

Colour: Autumn Leaves I think, I can't find the ball-band.

Needles: Size 2 (2.5mm) DPN's

Pattern: Cat's Face Lace Socks

I'm off to continue F'ing O's! I'm on a f'ing roll!