Monday, August 28, 2006

A purse!

I am on the home stretch for my "runabout bag"! Yippee! first I knitted the outside. then the inside, then the miles of I-cord. Then I felted it it. Twice. Rather see the saga in pictures? Okay, here you go:

Now, I am going to figure out what I want to decorate the flap with, and how to securely close it. The pattern called for knitted and felted flowers to be sewn on. I'm not really a flower kinda girl, and I tried knitting up the flower thing and it looks awful. So I'm thinking , buttons! I'm gonna get some buttons and sew them on in some kind of pattern. Then I'm gonna get a big button and sew a loop of ribbon on. That way, the ribbon will loop around the big button. Tada! A decorated, closed purse. But first I have to find the right buttons and ribbon.... Or perhaps dark elastic to loop around the button...hmmm...choices, choices..

Now for a riddle. What happens when you leave a laundry basket full of clean, white laundry?

Why, a black/brown kitty jumps in of course!