Tuesday, January 02, 2007

And More Food!

I'm sure everyone is wondering how my paniscia went. So, in pictures:
Me cooking the paniscia.

Above, we have it simmering away. In the traditional pot, I might add!

Ta Da! The finished product. I know it looks kinda messy. It IS kinda messy, but oh so yummy!

I will also do a quick round up of Christmas presents. Just for kicks!

My MIL's kitty. Sassy was very interested in all the goings on!
The basket full of goodies came from my MIL. I really love the blue vase. It's a great colour! She also gifted me, but I haven't taken pictures of, a set of very nifty flannel pj's.
The gift card was hand-made and totally adorable! Below, there is a very cool present from my sister:

She got it here. She also got me:

She also got me a lovely bottle of Valentino perfume. Blogger is being stupid and won't load the picture, so trust me when I say it's awesome. The more so as the perfume is actually discontinued! She found some while on vacation in Connecticut! I love this perfume.

Maybe tomorrow Blogger will behave. At any rate, That's the haul!