Monday, January 22, 2007

An Attempt at New Crafts

I saw this pattern and really wanted to do it. The problem is that the pattern is a crochet pattern. Not a knitting pattern. I have a very basic grasp of crochet. VERY basic. But I want to do this pattern. So I found a website that translates British crochet terms into US or Canadian ones. That was here. Then I found the Stitch Diva website that has tutorials on the various crochet stitches. Then I tried to make the shawl. It's actually 64 triangles that are joined up as you go along. So, in theory, once you have figured out how to make one, you should be laughing. Ummm. Yeah. I tried. I got completely screwed up. So I called my MIL who does some crochet. Together we managed to figure the pattern out. (ok, SHE figured it out. I held the yarn)
So yesterday I tried. The result should have been a triangle with 2 picots on each side.

NOT what I got. As you can see, I have ONE side that has 2 picots. The other sides have 1 and 3 respectively. Although at least the thing has a passing resemblance to the item it is SUPPOSED to be. I think my problem was that I got lost in the pattern and did 1 too many repeats on one side and one too few on the other side. I did get it right on the third side.

So this will be going swimming in the frog pond. On the bright side, Once I figure out how to actually follow the pattern, I should be zipping along.

The "yarn" I am using is Rowan R2 Paper that I got a deal on since it is discontinued. I really like the pink. Which is unusual for me. I am not generally a "pink" kinda girl.

In other news, I spent today running around getting my passport renewal papers together. What a pain. AND I get to give the govenment of Canada $102.00 for the privilege.