Monday, January 15, 2007

I Finished it!

The purse is done! Yippee! I no longer have to deal with an overstuffed bag! See, a comparison shot:

I finished up installing the clasp. If you were wondering how a clasp stays on the purse without pulling through the fabric, I'll show you:

There's a backing that you push the prongs through before you bend them down. This spreads the strain out over a larger surface area. However, when you put things in and out of the purse, you might catch the prongs. So I covered them up with some material I had lying around.It's a crappy example of hand-sewing, but what do you expect? It was black on dark blue. And I have never claimed to be good at it. But since it's on the inside, who cares? Then I sewed a division up the inside pocket. Since the purse turned out a little larger than I had anticipated, I figured a division would keep things from getting jumbled together.

The final product....TA DA!!!!!!

Basic stats:

Pattern: Runabout Bag , but I cast on 100 stitches instead of 66 as called for in the pattern. I used the Marley's Ghost pattern for the strap. I knitted up 12 links.

Yarn: Lopi

Needles: Whatever it was the pattern called for, I don't remember and am too lazy to get up to find out.

Hardware: A clasp I salvaged from a second hand purse.