Sunday, August 31, 2008

Baby Moose!

Or baby meese, as they would be called at my house

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pharmacy Fun

A little test I found.... - Test Your Drug Knowledge - The Disease Test

Fingernail Friday

When I was in Toronto a couple of weeks ago, I received strict instructions to blog my fingernails more often. Since I really don't have much to blog about right now, I figured this is a good time to introduce what hopefully will become a semi-irregular friday event here at The Knot.....Fingernail Friday!

Who'd a thunk it would be so hard to take in-focus pictures of your fingers?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yarn to Yarn

A couple of posts ago, I showed you some yarn on my spindle that I was adding twist to. I skeined some of it up and am now presenting the "Yarn to Yarn" project. Not that it is done. I have a lot of this stuff......

I forgot to put a coin in for scale, but the red yarn there is sock yarn. I think it's spinning up to worsted-ish. Possibly a bit larger. Since this is for a felting project, it doesn't really matter....


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Conversation with the Husband

Saturday nights are my time with the tv. The rest of the week, the hubby watches wrestling (which I do too), football and baseball. I was watching a real estate show from England where they are trying to find a couple a house to buy. One of the houses shown was a lovely old house with beams in the ceiling. I commented that the beams were lovely, but I felt they tend to make the ceiling feel lower. The hubby replied,"well, it'll be easy for them to setup the sex-swing, at least" . Um. Yeah, honey.

The evening passed and I was watching a decorating show in which another couple were having trouble choosing a colour to paint the walls. I said,"Pick the blue you idiots. It's nice!" Hubby responded," so you want your sex-swing to be blue?" Rather than get into a discussion about how I didn't think we needed it, I said yes to shut him up. Hubby then went on to ask what colour the stripper pole should be. I told him chrome, looked at him like he was an idiot and went back to watching my show.

What does hubby do?

"see, I would have gotten it wrong with a brass pole. This is why couples need to communicate"

I'm going to be a little leery coming home from work for the next few days. What if he decides to,ahem, redecorate the bedroom?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Funny Things on My TV

Here at Chez Knot we don't actually buy the pron channels, but they are listed on the menu. Some of the titles are rather funny. In an ewwww sort of way. For example:

Gooey Buns


Blow it out your Ass

Other stuff on my tv:

Since I am hearing impaired, on my tv, I have the closed captioning option turned on. I was watching Raw is War (wrestling) and one of the women wrestlers has a shtick where she comes out and sings completely off key. Usually when someone sings, the closed captioning either writes out the words to the song, or just puts up musical notes so you know it is singing. When Jillian (the terrible singing wrestler) came on , the caption read ,"Jillian singing horribly"


And, as a reward for reading this far...cute kitty pic:

"What do you mean, this is the people bed?"-Pagan

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nope, I Follow Directions, Ma'am

How is it that the people on addictive drugs always claim to take it exactly as directed? I had one today. Got 60 lorazepam that lasted him for 33 days (and should have lasted 60 days). Got a refill for another 60 pills that have now lasted him for 51 days. So he should still have 36 pills at home. He claims otherwise. When I cautioned him that these pills can gradually creep up on you and then you notice one day you are taking more than the doctor ordered, he exclaimed indignantly,"No ma'am. I only take ONE at bedtime. Ever!" Yet he had none left........

This scenario happens regularly. Do I look stoopid? (don't answer that,you in the back) How is it that everybody takes their pills as directed and yet run out early. But only on the "good" ones? Which, by the way, we count twice before handing them out to make sure there are exactly the right amount.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Fixing Yarn

Quite a while ago, I thought I would make up some felted boxes. I found some yarn called White Buffalo that is "very feltable". However, it is soooo loosely spun, it might as well be roving. It kept pulling apart on me. So it sat in the stash since it was such a pain.
The other day, I was sitting in my living room, just vegetating and my eye fell upon my kick-spindle. I had an Aha! moment and decided to add some twist to the yarn. Since it is for a felting project, it doesn't matter that I am still in the uneven spinning stage of learning. And at the end I will have useful yarn!

It is coming out roughly worsted weight, I think. Since gauge for a felted box is pretty unimportant, I'm not too worried about the exact weight.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Exciting Trip

Last weekend I went to Toronto. I stayed with my sister.

When I arrived friday night, we stopped in at Jack Astor's for nachos. With an adult beverage, of course.

I thought the bill was rather amusing, as they have the provincial and federal taxes identified with the Premier of Ontario, Dalton McGuinty, and the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, respectively. So that we know who to blame, I suppose....

On saturday, my sister and I stopped by the Cheese Boutique. They have an amazing assortment of imported goodies. Among the wonders is a cheese room. You can actually go in and look at (but don't touch!) the cheese.

Saturdy continued with a lovely afternoon and evening spent with the Mezzodiva herself. That's right, she of the lovely Hibiscus for Hope sock pattern. (if you haven't got it yet, you want it. Go. Get it. I'll wait)

We met for a late lunch, a couple of beer, coffee.....and knitting of course!

Alas, I had to frog the knitting I was working on back to where it was at the beginning of the knitfest. I started the heel too early and the sock was short. However, the company was fabulous. She is as lovely in person as she in on the internet and it felt like I was meeting an old friend that I had known for years. The afternoon/evening just flew by. It too seemed short, although it was actually over 6 hours of fun! None of us wanted it to end, Unfortunately, one can only stay awake for so long before one falls over. So we had to call it a day. There will be more days, I'm sure.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I returned from my fabulous weekend in Toronto and now am feeling the let down. So, for fun, check this out. It is absolutely adorable cuteness with kitty and doggie. For more cuteness, her blog.

More on my trip to T-dot later....

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Imitation or Art?

Raven loves his big sister Micha. He follows her around. He even mirrors her posture, which as we all know, means you like someone....

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I made yarn! I'm very excited. It's shetland fibre in it's natural brown.

Yes, that is a dime. The little skein is about 15 yards. Not sure about the wpi, haven't done that yet. I was just so excited I had to show all of you!

It's not consistent yarn. But that just improves it's charm, right?


Monday, August 04, 2008

Jean Yarn

I decided to get a move on with the jean purse I want to make. So I started knitting it up on thursday. It was too narrow, so I ripped back and started again on friday. As of this morning, it looks like this:

I think another inch or so (which works out to about 2 more rounds) I think I will be binding off. Then I need to add the jean waistband at the top and line it. That will probably take me 6 months or so at my normal speed....

The texture is really interesting.


And garter:

I knit the bottom as a square and picked up stitches around the edge to continue knitting it in the round.