Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Serving of Outclevering

Ingredients: any British crochet pattern. For todays recipe we will use Salome by Colinette.

1 computer

1 word processing program

1 conversion chart for British terms to North American crochet terms


Open word processing program.
Type in pattern as written in book.
Press "control F" or use the "replace with" function in your program.
Replace all DTR with TR
Then replace the TR in the pattern with DC
Continue by changing the patterns DC to SC
Save your work.
Print your work.

Pick up your yarn and crochet needle secure in the knowledge that now you won't have to convert the British terms while simultaneously trying to remember how to crochet.

Realize that you have converted EVERY STITCH to SC!!


You have now cooked up and served yourelf a big helping of outclevering.

Yes folks, I outclevered myself on that one! (BTW, I made that word up. I hope I have offended no-one) Fortunately, I did save the work, so I will just(!) have to go back and type in the correct stitch. But obviously that won't be using the "replace with" technique! If I have to type it in anyway, might as well type in the American term, right?

The weather here has been beastly cold. Today the high was -14C (6.8F) and the low tonight is projected to go to -25C (-13F)! In these temperatures, my regular driving gloves may as well be paper. So I wear these:

They are fake fur mitties! I got them at the Portolano Factory Outlet last year. I love these mitts when it is this cold. Theyare snuggly and warm. My hubby just asked me when I got those mitts. When I told him last year he was a bit non-plussed.