Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Proof of Work

Lately I have been providing proof for everything. (Rant Alert!!! Skip to end of post for knitting content, if you want to.) You see, I had to apply for a new passport, as my old one is expired. In Canada, at any rate, the whole process is quite onerous. And expensive. Provide ugly picture. And I DO mean ugly. No makeup, no smile, etc. I look like a druggie with the dark circle under my eyes (genetic, my mom had 'em and so does my sister). Provide a guarantor who can attest that you are you. Provide 2 more references ON TOP of the guarantor to prove you are you. Send in your birth certificate (original), a marriage licence (original) since my married name is different from my birth certificate. An additional piece of ID with a picture and signature (thank goodness a photocopy is acceptable. ALSO signed by the guarantor stating that they have seen the original). Then, since I don't live in a mega size city, I get to go to the local "service center" where, for an additional $15, they will peruse your application to lessen (not avoid, you will note) the chances of your whole application getting sent back for some stupid reason. Total cost...$102.00.

Of course , that doesn't count the new birth certificate I had to apply for because my original (from when I was BORN, people) was issued before 1994 and for some reason was unacceptable. That was an additional $25.

After all that, I was told that my husband's birth certificate might not be acceptable as it is a bit dog-eared. When he got this one, it was just a piece of paper! With a notation on it that lamination invalidates it!! OF COURSE it's dog-eared! Government fucktards. So I sent off his application anyway (maybe they will accept it) AND went online to apply for a new one. For...$35!!!

I just love the fact that, regardless of the reality that I pay a HUGE amount of taxes, I STILL get to pay the government workers for doing their job. In essence, I pay twice. Once through my taxes and a second time for them to actually do the work. Sigh.

Okay, on to the knitting. I have been knitting Really. Even though I worked 50 hours last week, it was at a store that wasn't very busy. They just needed a pharmacist to hold down a chair so the store could open. See:

And what was I working on? Here:


I thought I would see how far 1 ball of sock yarn would go for my foot. So I knit this toe-up. As you can see, I get a knee high out of 1 ball of confetti sock yarn. (210 meters)

It is now quite late, since I worked until 10pm and then Blogger was being stupid about posting pics. I wound up having to open a Flickr account and doing it that way. it seems to have worked so...