Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Could be worse

Well, the pest control guy came around to inspect my ant problem. He thinks there probably isn't a nest inside the walls, and that the ants are coming in from outside. (probably due to all the construction going on) If they were in the walls there should be a veritable conga-line of ants, he says. So hopefully the spray around the foundation outside will do the trick. At about $120, I hope so, although that is much more affordable than the $395 I was initially told it would cost. Of course, maybe they said that on purpose , just to make me happier when the actual price came in lower. I know, conspiracy theory...

In other news, the sock continues....

Yup, that is still sock number 1 of the pair. I don't knit very fast.

I did cut some of these up:

to make these:

Those are t-shirts I am going to cut up into strings. I will then loop them together and make a rug out of them. It's called "calamari knitting" by the ladies that wrote Mason Dixon Knitting. By the way, that's Micha checking out the t-shirts. She has to supervise anything I do! When she and her sister are not doing what they usually do,

Who says life is hard?

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Sandra D. said...

Here's to no ants in the walls, and no conga lines! Hurray!

I saw an ad on my PO bulletin board today for two 2-year old calico sisters needing a good home. Sigh.... BC needs a playmate, but probably not two. Cali was her buddy; the other two felines here go outside a lot and won't play with her much.

When my girls aren't outside, they've been doing a lot of what yours are doing. Imagine that!

The sock is pretty. I think I knit at about the same speed as you!