Thursday, December 21, 2006

2 Posts in one Day!

That's right folks, no knitting and yet 2 posts in one day! This one has nothing to do with Christmas either. So there! Remember a while ago my cat(s) were driving me crazy? I talked to the vet a little while ago and he suggested that since the offending kitty was quite old and sick to boot, trying behavioural modifications would be unneccesarily stressful on me (and the cat) and since she only peed outside the box in front of the one litterbox (we have 2) that a puppy pad would be more useful! (Wow, what a run-on sentence! My grade 12 English teacher Stella would be appalled.)(No, that was not her name. It was a shortened version of her last name. Which I forget)

That's right folks, those things that some people use to train their puppy to pee on. These things have made my life so much easier! I know it creates more garbage for the landfills etc, but saving my sanity is worth something as well, I would think!

So now I lay the pad out in front of the litter box, put some newsprint on it and I'm good to go. The newsprint is so that she doesn't get freaked out by a new surface underfoot. She is familiar with newspaper. The puppy pad has a gauze-like surface she is not familiar with and I WANT her to go there. I am so not going to try to introduce a new variable. Newsprint it is.