Sunday, December 10, 2006

I have finished my mossy cable scarf. I just made that up. I wanted the scarf to be wide enough to cover your neck comfortably, but not so long it would peek out under your jacket. Voila!

It's 6 stitches of moss stitch on either side and 4 stitches cabled in the middle. Final dimensions are 44 inches long, 7 inches wide. The wool used is Woolly Bully. Up close it looks like this:

I wasn't sure how the cable would turn out, since the yarn is a thick 'n thin, but it looks just fine. I'm thinking this will be a gift for a male cousin. The colours and pattern turned out well for a masculine scarf, I think.

In other news, the green eyed kitty is improving daily. Her eye is no longer goopy and is almost open to its normal extent. So the trip to the vet and it's accompanying bill was worth it.

Cute story from work the other day. I was ringing up a sale for a child's antibiotic and her mom had said she could have some Skittles since she behaved well at the walk-in medical clinic. I rang up the Skittles, gave them to the little girl and her mother prompted her sotto voce "say thank you to the lady". At which the little girl promptly said "Thank you, lady". Too funny.

I then finished the sale, closed the cash register drawer and caught the end of my long necklace in the till. I had to call the pharmacy technician over to open the till! ( I didn't know how since I was just there for the day and only had a grasp of basic till functions) Did I feel silly!