Sunday, December 24, 2006

Practice Makes Perfect!

So. the holidays finally arrived and I had time to pick up my knitting. Yup, that activity that involves pointy sticks and some string-like substance. Which, apparently describes my familiarity with the process. Yesterday I thought I would knit up and felt a cozy for my Christmas present. The yarn got hopelessly snarled. Sigh. Put it into time out. Pull out the purse I am knitting up to felt. Today arrives. Find out at the end of 26 rows of stockinette that I should have been knitting the first 2 stitches of every row. Must frog. Put IT into time out. Take out yarn for cozy. Unsnarl. Re-cast on. Yarn snarls again. Sigh dramatically. Unsnarl yarn again. Put it into time out. Again.

Pull out emergency can't screw it up project. Knit peacefully for a while. Ahhhhhh.

No knitting pictures tonight. Not enough patience to futz around with cables etc. So. No knitting pics. And there probably won't be any posts for a day or 2, since it IS, well, Christmas. So I will leave you with a cute kitty picture.

I call it "Kitty on handknitted shawl."

Merry Christmas!