Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Using the Handknits

Yup, I am using several of my handknits all at once. The furnace broke. It's 2 degrees Celsius outside. (that's 35.6F for the Americans) It's 17 degrees inside. (62) And dropping like a rock. In the last hour the temp dropped 4 degrees. The repair guy is coming. Even better,the landlord is footing the bill. So I am wearing my wool shawl, my blankie,my fingerless gloves and my hat. Hopefully he comes soon, if he doesn't I may pile up the stash and just burrow into it. It's wool, right? So it will keep me warm....and maybe I will knit some of it out of boredom.

Therefore, the toe-up sock progress will not be modelled today. I took a "lie there and do nothing" kind of picture. Just to prove that I AM working on it. Here it is:

The furnace dispatch people said that I was next on the call list. I sure hope so. The kitties have fur coats. I don't. But I DO have the handknits...