Thursday, December 07, 2006

Money Evapourates

Well folks, the furnace is fixed! apparently the thermocouple broke. If the temperature drops because the pilot light is out, it doesn't let gas into the furnace (when it is working correctly). Apparently mine just decided not to let gas into the furnace....At any rate, the landlord is $299 lighter. And I am many degrees warmer.

However, MY wallet is also a little lighter. My Pagan kitty got an eye infection. So I took her to the vet where they did a fluorescein test to see if it really was an infection. Yup. $99 later...

The weird part is, the test turned her eye green:

Temporary, but still strange looking! Look out! The alien kitty is coming to get you....(sorry about the blurry pic, she was NOT in the mood to have her picture taken)

Ah well, a few bucks lighter, but the family's health is important!

The sock doesn't look much different,so I'm not going to bother with a picture.

In completely unrelated news, Melrose did NOT win "America's Next Top Model". Yippee! Something about that girl struck me as off-kilter. She was a little too practiced, a little too manipulative. Go Caridee!