Sunday, December 03, 2006

I think I'm in love....

I love toe-up socks! it gets rid of the fiddly picking up of stitches at the heel flap AND the weird bit at the beginning of a cuff before you have a couple of rows of knitting to stabilize it. You do have the slightly fiddly unzipping of the provisional cast on, but hey, nothing in life is perfect, right? I also have a bit of a hole at the end of the turned heel where I started back in on the pattern, but that can be fixed. Although if anyone knows why it did that, I would be interested in knowing.....This is a picture of the sock so far. It's also cool how you can see that it is actually a sock long before it is finished.This is a pic of the lace pattern. It's pretty cool too! Oh yeah, here's a link to the pattern itself.

I'm off to knit some more sock! Yippee! Tralalala!