Thursday, December 21, 2006

Change the Song!

If the song doesn't change soon, I'm warning y'all, I have pointy sticks! And I'm not afraid to use 'em! (and that is all the knitting reference you are going to get today. still too busy.)
Holly Jolly Christmas and Winter Wonderland, to be exact. It seems like there are only these 2 songs on the planet that are Christmassy. At least, according to the local radio station. I was working at a small shop today that uses a local radio station to provide background music. It seemed like every other song was one version or another of these 2 Christmas songs. AAARGH! 9 whole hours of it!

Why couldn't they play something classical and pretty which is also Christmassy? Like Pachelbel. Am I the only person in the world that likes this piece of music and finds it "holiday-like"? It even has the added advantage of being non-denominational! (for the p.c.)

Enough whining. I will now show you something else I like that is Christmassy in my book:

I love these cookies!

(For those of you who will be compelled to point out that "Christmassy" isn't a real world, I thumb my nose in advance at you)