Saturday, September 02, 2006

Strange things are afoot!

Talk about trading up! This guy is impressive. Okay, maybe it's not strange per se, but it IS kinda interesting. My theory is that the only reason this worked is that he got advertising so people were wiling to help him along the path out of curiousity. Will he manage it? Will he flop? I'm sure if I tried this, I'd start out with a paperclip and wind up with a bent staple at the end!

Next weird thing...FO's! Yup, I've been on the warpath for a few days. I want to finish some things before I start anything new. First up:

A felted purse. It's got 3 compartments inside, and better yet, ALL MY STUFF fits inside! Go figure. Here's a close up of the decorations/closure:

The purse sort of rminded me of the old field bag that soldiers used to carry. Besides, pseudo-military look is in, so I decided to go with a row of buttons up the middle in a military inspired kind of decor. Then I made a loop of elastic to stretch around the big bottom button to hold the bag closed. Next, for ease of opening, I attached a small tassel to the elastic. That gives me something to pull so I can easily find the elastic. Otherwise I had visions of myself in the grocery store saying things like "hang on, I can get into my purse, just a sec..." As I tried to hook the elastic with my fingernail. I'm quite pleased with my spiffy new purse.

Pushing on. The next f.o. is for the long range planning department. In short, an Xmas present.

Socks! And that concludes our required Christmas knitting. Yippee! I've still got some other presents to make, but if they don't get done, there will be no tears shed. The pressure is off.

Around here it is officially fall. Even if the calender doesn't say so. I can tell because thie fellow came to visit my backyard:

He is a northern flicker. Sorry for the poor quality of the shot. I tried to get a better shot, but he flew away. He is a yellow shafted northern flicker. The good side is that he eats ants! while I did manage to get my ant problem under control, anything that eats ants is welcome in my yard! Why is this a sign of fall? While I know that they are probably around the rest of the time, I only seem to see him in the fall. So, he is my own personal harbinger of fall.