Saturday, September 09, 2006

To Start, Or Not To Start?

Fugeddabout it! Of course I started new projects! Two of them, in fact. One is my new "mindless knitting". A dishtowel.

The hubby has pronounced that he liked the experimental one, but could I please knit the next one a bit wider?

So this is what I am working on when I don't feel like struggling with my Clapotis. But what if I want to do something a bit more involving and still don't want to work on my Clapotis? Naturally, I need a backup thought-involving knit! Doesn't everybody? Here it is:

Note that the household supervisor had to get her opinion in. Fortunately, the opinion is positive.

This is going to be another square in my Noro wool afghan. I decided to flip through my stitch dictionary, and found this pattern:

So I decided to try it. My theory is that if it is too hard, or I screw up while trying a new stitch, it doesn't matter since it is only a square of 9 inches. So ripping it out doesn't feel so horrible.

To date, I have only frogged it once. Of course, I have only made it through 1 pattern repeat so far.....

Speaking of frogging, This is destined for a swim:

Looks nice, eh? what you can't tell is that it appears to be sized for a 10 year old! Yes, I did get gauge. I checked. Before I started the project AND after, when the thing turned out so freakin tiny! This after all the problems I had making the collar. Clearly I am a newby knitter. Even though I have knitted things for years, I am obviously a newby. Why would I say that, you ask? I knitted this (my first sweater) waaaaay back in April/May. (sorry forgot to take a picture of it) Then it languished while waiting to be seamed. I got it half seamed up in June, and then the heat wave hit. No seaming for you, Ms Shrug. Finally got around to seaming it up . Wove in all the ends. Read the instructions which said to "Pick up 100 stitches starting at middle lower back with size 15 needles. Knit ribbing". Which I did. Pick up the stitches that is. Then I tried to knit them. Couldn't get 'em off the needle. Couldn't get 'em to slide around at all.Thought about it and realized that the shrug had been knit on size 10's. Duh. Panicked for a bit trying to figure out how to get the stitches off. Finally pried 'em off using a crochet hook. Picked 'em back up using a much smaller needle. Yippee! We're in business! Um, no. Clearly the knitting fates had it in for me. ALL OF THE STITCHES WERE PICKED UP BACKWARDS. I gave up. I put the thing away . The Fates have clearly decided this was not a good project for the moment.

And now the #$%^& collar will have to be frogged so I can un-seam the thing, frog the back and re-knit it to a more reasonable size. THEN re-knit the collar. Fortunately, I picked up quite a bit of extra yarn when I was buying for this project. So I should have enough of the extra to do this. So the Fates were not completely unkind. Apparently I just need more practice knitting according to them. And seaming. And weaving in ends. And picking up stitches......sigh.

I'm gonna go work on my tv knitting. I need something easy to soothe my tormented inner knitter.