Wednesday, September 13, 2006

On blogs and channelling your mom.

Ohmigawd! My name is Carol and I am a knitting blog addict. I just spent the last couple of days setting up a Bloglines account and putting all the blogs I read into it. All 72 of them! Eeek! No wonder it took a couple of days. In the process, I finally figured out (somewhat) how to add something to the sidebar of MY blog. I have yet to figure out the "buttons" for knitalongs etc. I'm not that advanced in bloggerland yet.

In other adventures:

My husband says I have too many clothes. Quelle surprise. Actually, what happened was this: He was looking for his sweater and couldn't find it. I asked if he looked in the bedroom closet. He told me he was't stupid, of course he did! And that he had looked in "all the other places it could be". Naturally he couldn't find it. So I went upstairs, looked in the bedroom closet and found the sweater. Took, oh, about 3 minutes. Tops. Of course that means I have too many clothes in the closet. Since he looked and couldn't find it. I could feel the ghost of my mother looking on. Whenever I couldn't find anything as a kid, she would say "Did you look past the first row?" I almost said that today, but thought it would be too creepy. Although , of course, the answer was, no, hubby did not look past the first row. So that means I have too many clothes.

In answer to that slander, I respond "That is the hubby's opinion. Opinions are like belly buttons. Everyone has one"