Thursday, September 07, 2006

I am a surgeon.

Oh boy! What a learning curve on this Clapotis project. I thought I had the pattern down. I knew the routine the pattern followed, I knew to check at the end of each purl row for number of stitches after the marker, I inserted a marker every 6 stitches, I used a lifeline. And somehow I STILL managed to screw up! A set of knit stitches where there should be purls! Argh! Of course I discovered this after 6 rows or so. At first I thought, "Those stitches look funny. Did I drop one? No they look kind of loose. Oh well, that'll tighten up once the yarn moves around some and re-distributes itself." And I kept knitting. And knitting. Eventually I looked at it and recognized the stupid mistake. However, I realized that I did not have to rip back those 6 rows! Yay! I will unravel those pesky stitches one by one and crochet them back up.

So that's what I did. I am pleased to say that the surgery was a success.