Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Right. So the floppy drive on my computer croaked. Which is a problem since my Mavica digital camera stores pictures on a floppy. In order to get them to the computer, I need a floppy drive that works. "No problem" says my IT dude. (aka hubby) "I have a boxful of floppy drives in the basement, I'll just change it out." An hour, 2 drives and many swearwords later, it works. Yup, we had to change out 2 drives! But it works. For now. So, the computer was acting unsatisfactorily. Also in the "unsatisfactory" category, my fingerless glove:

Apparently my hands are tiny. I even adjusted the pattern because it looked too big for my hand. Don't like it, no sir. So there will not be a glove number 2. I'm going to move on to "Fetching" I think. Hubby says I should stop knitting useless things. Fingerless gloves are in the category of "incomplete and useless knitted objects" according to him. since I am a process knitter, I don't care if I never use it. As for the hubby, if it keeps me quiet and out of his hair, why should it matter if I knit something useful?

However, in the interest of keeping the peace, here is the progress on my dishtowel.

This qualifies as "useful" according to H's category, so he doesn't whine about it. It's also an easy knit, which makes ME happy. Now if we just dipped it in tuna, the kitties would be happy too and we could all do the happy dance!

Pagan wants to know why I woke her up, if there is no tuna????!!!!