Saturday, September 16, 2006


Well folks, I've taken the plunge.

That is the shrug I knit up a while ago. The one that was waaaaay too small. I decided to take Sandra's advice and dump the pattern. I was thinking of reknitting the back, but I got to thinking that there would be other problems cropping up at that point. Screw it! I'm going to knit the Chunky Cardigan on page95 of Vogue Knitting international fall 2006. I've got enough wool to do it, so there! Hopefully this pattern won't be so weird. I'm hopeful since there are different measurments for length, bust size and arm size. SoI should be able to cobble something together that fits me. The damn shrug wasn't nearly as comprehensive for sizing. (obviously)

After froggin the shrug, I decided I needed some "renewal" time. So I did my alpha-hydroxy face mask. It helps shed the top layer of skin cells and keeps your skin smooth and the pores small. While I'm doing it I look like a reject from a bad horror flick:

But it really does work. I think next time I'll get the lotion that you smooth on, though....

The things us girls do!