Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Uh oh!

First I am going to vent a bit. If you are politically correct, you might want to skip this part. It also has nothing to do with knitting, so if that's what you want, skip this too! I went to the grocery store today. Not, in and of itself, terribly interesting. In fact, I usually want to get in and out as quickly as possible, so I get irritated at people who wander through the aisles as if they are the only people on the planet. Today, I got into the store with no problem, I got my groceries, I even got a cashier with no line up! Sound too good to be true? You betcha! I got to the exit, went through one door, waited for the second door to open. Nothing. I realize that there was an old lady with a walker in front of me who just went through the door. Okay, I can wait a second for an elderly person to move slowly out of the way. After all, I blew through the grocery store, right? I've got time. So I wait. The woman's daughter is in front of the elderly lady. She (daughter) pulls out a cell phone, dials a number and proceeds to have a whole conversation whilst blocking her mother who is blocking me. After a minute or two I am getting irritated. I shout through the (closed) door "Hello?!" Nothing. Chickie keeps talking. I start waving, figuring maybe motion will get her attention. Nothing. I am seriously pissed now, stuck between 2 doors with an inconsiderate b#$%^ blocking the exit to the freaking grocery store! FINALLY idjit gets out of the way, and says to her mom, "geez mom, you were blocking the exit!". Ummm, Actually stupid, YOU were blocking the exit. Okay, on to the knitting....

Oh no! I broke one of my dpn's! Since I am a new to sock knitting person, I only have one set! Whew! They came in a set of 5. Dodged a bullet. Although, I suspect I should buy an extra set or two. What if I break another needle and it's a sunday night? Then I'd have to stop knitting! Can't have that. I'd go into withdrawal.

Unfortunately, I have no FO's to show you. Excuse to follow. I was really hoping to get my sock done at least, but it didn't happen. Although I did make pretty good progress:

The purse is not done yet either. It is taking a while for the damn thing to dry after the felting! I bought the buttons etc to decorate it, I just don't want to work with wet wool. The Clapotis is really kicking my ass. I would have gotten further, but I had to frog one whole repeat 'cause I screwed up.

I really don't know why I keep screwing up. It's not that complicated a pattern. Maybe that's the problem. If it's totally mindless I can do it. If it needs intense concentration, I can do it. But the in-between is deceptive and I keep screwing up. Sigh. At least I had a lifeline I could use! Saved me some ripping back.

I did buy some new yarn. It's totally cool:

I got it from the Red Cross. It was a totally silly waste of money, but when I saw it on Eve's Blog, I just had to get one too! When my hubby saw it, he announced he wanted army socks! So it was a hit all around!

Now for the excuse as to why the knitting has not proceeded very far this week. And the excuse, is NOT having too much free-lance work. It's because the tomatoes won't wait. Yup, the tomatoes. I have been turning this:

Into yummy batches of this:

This is the 3rd batch this week. I have one batch turned into marinara sauce. I still need to make meatballs to go with it. The second batch was just processed with no spices and frozen for future use. This batch is going to be meat sauce.

I love eating tomatoes. I'm not so keen on the processing part, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do! This way I get fresh, home grown tomatoes for a reasonable length of time after tomato season. Mmmmmm...

Now I'm off to get my ass kicked again.