Saturday, September 23, 2006

Simply Fetching.....

Yes, I started another project. I am no longer a cable virgin. Soon not to be a picot edge virgin. I started Fetching last night. I'm really digging this pattern. It's a quick, easy knit with impressive results. So far:

In one night I've knitted up to the point where you add the thumb hole. it's being knit in an acrylic so that I can wash & wear 'em. These would make a good Christmas present for an unexpected person at a Christmas get-together. I'm gonna knit up a few pair, I think and put them in the "long range planning" box. I think I might donate a pair to the woman's shelter for a Christmas present too. They are always looking for nice things around Christmas time for the residents. All in all, I am really pleased with these fingerless gloves. Just goes to show ya, I had my doubts about the other pair I started (and now will never finish). Should have trusted my gut.

Hopefully I can finish this pair of gloves in a weekend. I'm gonna try.