Sunday, July 23, 2006

Time on My Hands

Alrighty, now that I am unemployed, I have time to get at my huge list of projects-to-come! So in the spirit of ADD knitting, I have so far, started 2 new projects.

This is the "Runabout Bag". It is being made out of Lopi wool. This stuff sheds like nobody's business.

Next on the hit parade:

This is destined to be a Clapotis. It is being made out of Lorna's Laces silk/wool. It is beautiful yarn to work with. Soft, smooth. It feels great! and my Pagan kitty thinks so too. Whenever I set the thing down to get a drink, answer a call of nature etc, I had to put it out of kitty's reach, 'cause she would start chewing on the yarn! Not something she does with all yarns.

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Sandra D. said...

Let me see - appropriate comment about leaving the job - CONGRATULATIONS!!! Working for lunatics and sadists (which is the most "clean" way I can describe the boss behind my decision to "retire") is nuts. It makes us unhappy, and life is just too darn short to be unhappy. So happy knitting - something good will come your way. Fair warning, though. I left the mania I think about 3 years ago, and the longer I go, the happier I am.