Saturday, July 15, 2006

I'm Melting!....

Argh! It's only 24 degrees out (Celsius) but the humidity is 80%. Making a humidex of 33 degrees. The worst part is, I sweat, and it doesn't help! So much for being ladylike. I don't "glow", I sweat like a horse. I have dribbles rolling down my face as I type. 'Cause typing is such a physical activity, ya know?

On the bright side, my tomatoe plants are exceedingly happy with the heat.

I have them in pots on the front stoop of my house. It faces south. If I put them in the backyard, they don't get enough sun and the bunny rabbits eat them. Yup, I have bunnies. Wild ones that live in the empty fields around my area. However, they don't come around to the front of the house. I guess the traffic on my semi-busy street is scaring them. Not that I am complaining.

Nope, the complaint is that I am still seeing those dad-blasted ants. These ones aren't quite as big as the originals, and seem leggier somehow. Apparently the spray that the pest guy used is a "residual" and can take a couple of weeks to finish the job. Lets hope so. Just in case I have put everything in my kitchen that is remotely edible in glass jars:

Or left it in the factory-sealed packages. Hopefully that will help with the problem. I am not seeing as many ants, but even one grosses me out! I don't even use my dishwahser any more. Just in case they were fiding their way in there. I did find one ant in there way back when I first freaked out. so now, no more dishwasher. I wash everything right after use. What a pain!

On to fun stuff. My mother-in-law luuuuvs me. Check out what she dropped off today:

A useful book, that I will get to one day. At the moment I have a number of things on the to-do list. And some lovely red mohair/acrylic. I love the colour. However, I do not hink I wil try to learn cables with mohair . That just seems like a temper tantrum waiting to happen. My MIL just does these things when the mood strikes her. She is a champion sale shopper and if she sees something she thinks I'll like, booyah! Usually she is right. I do like it. Soemtimes it does get to be a bit overwhelming, but I'd rather be overwhelmed with love than the other type of MIL, ya know?

Well, I'm off to sit in front of a fan and melt into a little puddle. If you don't hear from me again, you'll know what happened!

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Sandra D. said...

Oh, my sympathies on the heat and humidity. I think we're heading into one of those spells for the next week, too. I'll be spending a lot of time knitting in the basement.

Nice looking cupboard. Think someone sent the ants so you could organize your cupboard? I'm looking forward to hearing that the pest guy was right and "no more ants." Good luck!

PS - outsmarted the bunnies - good for you!