Friday, July 07, 2006

Rant 'o the Day

Mo knitting today. Just a rant. First off, why don't people know how to drive? We all have to pass tests, right? then why did I see a number of people do illegal things ont he roads. Dangerous illegal things. The most noteworthy was the one that ran a red light! In my town there are many intersections that have a separate green light for the left turn lane. It's NOT an advanced green. It's a whole other traffic signaler. So I saw someone decide that the left turn signal meant s/he could go straight. The only reason a really nasty accident didn't happen was that the oncoming left turn lane was more alert. Oh and did I mention that the light-runner also did a jack-rabbit start?

My other pet peeve are people who have to back into a parking space. This almost always means men in giant vehicles. The driver decides to back into a space by driving past it, (thus fooling the car behind them into thinking that they ARE driving past it) and then backs their Ford F-350 into the spot. Which always requires lots of maneuvering. And the backing up of the car waiting for this fool to pull into the spot so that life can continue. newflash folks: the world does not revolve around you and we do not enjoy waiting for you to acheive "the perfect parking position"!

I understand the appeal of being able to just pull out of a spot. I drive large car too. it is longer than some mini-vans. So I pull into a lot and go for the back edge, where there are always "pull through" parking spots. So I don't have to back up AT ALL. it does, of course mean I walk a few extra steps. So what? We can all use the exercise, right?