Monday, July 31, 2006

Bits & Bobs, Rants & Raves

Ok, first up today...a rant.

People, the universe does not have you at it's center! Or your children. While they may be cute to you, they are in my way! Today I went out to do a few errands. I pulled into a parking space and right away a mother with her 2 kids went over to the vehicle right beside me and started to load in. I can live with that. What pissed me off was the fact that the mom stood there and watched her tiny, 3 year old dausghter try to climb into the monster SUV for what felt like forever. And the woman knew I was there. She kept looking over her shoulder at me. Stop looking at me and give the kid a boost, fer cryin' out loud! I do not want to sit in my car forever while your child asserts independence. Do it on your own time!

Then I went into the grocery store. Where a man and his kid and 2 grandparents blocked all 4 rows of grocery carts while they loaded the toddler into the cart. Apparently it takes 3 adults and 40 square feet of space to do that! AAARRRGGGHHHHH!

Onto the bits and bobs....

I bought a ginormous apricot today:

The apricot is on the left, I put a votive candle in the shot for scale and on the right we have a peach, just because I liked it!

So, I knit up a washcloth from the Mason Dixon Knitting book. This is the "ballband washcloth" and boy is it easy! Very little pain, for a very cool result!

In fact, I started a larger version for a kitchen towel!

And that concludes out rant & rave, bits and bobs for today.......