Monday, July 24, 2006


Today I worked my first day as a relief pharmacist. That's like a substitute teacher, only it is a pharmacist in the pharmacy. You see, a pharmacy cannot open if there is not a licensed pharmacist on site. That means that pharmacies need people to cover vacation/sick days etc. The down side is that it is not steady work. It is piecemeal, a day here, 1 week there. the up side is that the staff are happy someone shows up. The fact that I am good at the job is a bonus. (believe me, I have heard horror stories about other relief people)

I did relief work up until 3 years ago and loved it. Then the job I just quit came along and it sounded too good to be true. (note to self:if it sounds like it, it probably IS too good to be true). Having come to my senses, I am back to fill-in work. At least temporarily whilst I get my bearings.

I t sure was nice today. They were happy I was there, the staff were polite to me. AND it pays $3 an hour more than my psycho job did! Alas, there are no benefits, hence the extra pay. But who am I kidding, at least I don't hate my job!

'Cause I got no job!


Laura said...

Having no insurance sucks, but knowing you'll go somewhere people are happy when you go in makes such a difference.

Sandra D. said...

Yep, a lot to be said for enjoying your day at the job! Note to self is a good one!