Monday, July 03, 2006

Corrupting Others...

Ha! I have successfully corrupted my sister! She has picked up a set of knitting needles and will be making the "baby bib o love" from the Mason Dixon knitting book! When she expressed an interest, I immediately packed her up and took her to my LYS to pick out colours and needles. Mwah ah ah! (evil chuckle...)

In other news, I decided my circs needed a home. I am trying to organize my knitting stuff a little ( I know, an impossibility), and decided I wanted my circs in something other than a plastic bag from the grocery store. Here is the result:

It is something called a "presentation folder" from my local business supply store. It is a rigid plastic binder with plastic sleeves in it. I guess the idea is to put you fancy presentation in it at a business meeting. I'm putting my circs in it. The beauty is that it stands up so I can put it on a shelf and no one will ever know that it is knitting needles! I also use these folders for recipes. The kind you use all the time. That way you can just wipe the spills off the plastic. Says something about my cooking style doesn't it?

I've also made progress on my lace wrap:

I'm not sure how long it's gonna be yet. I plan on knitting till I run out of yarn! Or it reaches monstrous proportions, I will decide at that point. (those are my sister's arms, if y'all are interested)

My hearing aids have had thier tones adjusted. However, I am going to have to go back again to adjust some more. Sigh...The right one is still off for sound and they both need to have the volume bumped up some more. I hate this point. Whenever I get new aids, I think "this time it'll be different! It won't take a gazillion visits to get them done. " As usual I was wrong. Forging onwards....