Saturday, July 08, 2006

Boucle done forever!

Yippee! I have finished my pink boucle wrap. This was quite a journey. First it took me 5 hours to wrap the skein into a ball. I don't have a swift and what a mess that degenerated into! the boucle bits kept snagging on themselves and so the skein wouldn't unravel smoothly. Argh! Then it took 4 cast ons to find the right pattern, needles etc. Then I had to learn how to knit without snagging the little loops on the yarn. But it is done. And quite spiffy, if I say so myself...

It was made with Fleece Artist kid 56%/silk24%/20%nylon, colourway "Goldilocks", 500 meters. I did a simple k2tog, yo and repeat pattern. Here is a close-up:

I did a crochet bind off that uses no yarn for it. That way I used ALL of my expensive yarn.

All I had left was this:

On to another project. I decided to make another pair of socks! Surprised? Ok, maybe not. Here it is:

There was some swearing involved since I had trouble joining the first 2 stitches in the round this time. I'm not sure why, sometimes the stars are aligned against us, I guess! But, I persevered and have a cast on sock to show for it.

And I am never buying boucle yarn again. Hah!