Thursday, October 18, 2007

Still Refereeing

Yup, around here, running interference between the kitties is a full time job. Hubby does it during the day, I do early morning and evening and hubby does deep night and well-before-crack-of-dawn.

That does mean knitting is curtailed. I have managed to get my second Campanula sock up to the point where I need to turn the heel. However, heel turning requires a block of uninterrupted time, otherwise I screw it up. So it shall be ignored until the weekend. I have been working on another Everlasting Bagstopper. But it is too dark to take decent photos, so you will have to imagine with me....a ball of yellow cotton and a ball of blue/green/white cotton. Knit 2 rows in each colour. Remember to twist the yarns at the beginning of each round to catch the float. Now superimpose that on the other pictures of the Bagstopper I have put up and you can see my creation.

Wasn't that fun?

Not nearly as much fun as trying to keep Raven from drinking my lemonade or my Tang or eating my danish! And this is the cat that turned his nose up at canned cat food and potato chips.