Saturday, October 13, 2007

Kitty Newsfeed

Dude is sttling in. The other 2 girls are getting used to him. They don't like him, but they are willing to ignore him, so long as he doesn't intrude on their space.

He definitely was someones's spoiled pet. The first indication was that he wouldn't eat the canned food I put down for him. He didn't come running at the sound of a can opener. which I though was weird. Turned his nose up at it. That was chicken flavoured stuff. I had a tin of salmon flavoured food that wasn't pate but was sort of slivered meat, and he did eat about half a can of that. One piece at a time.

This morning he turned his nose up at the rest of the salmon stuff. So when I went out I got him som normal dry kibble. I picked up a cheap brand figuring that his previous owners couldn't afford to fix him, so they wouldn't have been buying expensive food. Appears to have been a reasonable surmise. Dude ate the cheap stuff....

Last night there was some more proof that he was a pet....he hopped up on the couch beside me, flopped over and did this:
A few minutes later he was asleep:

Yup, still on his back. Definitely not a feral beastie!

Those pics don't really do him justice as they were done with a flash last night. So his colour comes out weird. Here's another in the chair that he seems to have claimed as his. And since the other kitties didn't really use that chair, that is a good thing!

The picture is a bit dark, but that's the colour of the kitty! Dark. Maybe if the sun ever comes out again I will get a better shot. At least you can see the white locket on his chest.

Dude doesn't seem to think knitting needles are toys. (yet) However, the yarn is definitely fair game in his opinion. I put it down for a minute and he started trying to eat it. Sigh....