Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Quest For Dinner

It seems that I would have made a bad hunter-gatherer-cavewoman. Yesterday I went out to get some ground sirloin to make meatloaf. they didn't have it at the first grocery store, so I figured I could pick it up at the second one. I have to got to 2 different store as a normal thing since I am picky about what brands of certain things I buy. So I figured it would be no big deal. It hasn't been in the past.

I got to the second store. No ground sirloin. Fine, I'll make ricotta & spinach stuffed manicotti for dinner. Nope, no spinach here, folks. Damn.

Go off to store number 3. No luck there either. They did have the good chicken, so then I thought I would make fajitas for dinner. The only fajita shells they had were cheese flavoured ones. Double damn.

At this point I wasn't far from the butcher shop I frequent, so I thought I would go there and see if they have the ground sirloin. Completely forgot it was monday and they are closed mondays....

I gave up, we could have grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. I had cheese and bread at home.

Get home, dinner time rolls around. We don't really want grilled cheeses sandwiches. Nor pizza. So hubby and I decided to order in chinese. The usual place is closed mondays. Which we forgot till we called. Sigh. Ordered, finally, from the other place. It was good. Thank heavens. I don't know what I would have done if the food was icky after all that running around!

To summarize, I can hunt, but the gathering? Not so much.....