Friday, October 26, 2007

I Give Up

So, I decided that I would make Wisp. After all, it is basically a scarf, right? So gauge won't matter, right? So I can skip the whole swatch etc step, right?

One problem. I'm not loving the yarn anymore. Yup, after all that, no more love.

So I thought to myself, I have some lovely Hand Maiden Rumple. I could make a nice scarf of it!

I pulled it out, put it on my swift and found this:

That's right. A big tangle. 300 metres worth of tangle to be exact. I spent some time and finally tamed it into this:
I think I'm going to make the Falling Water Lace scarf. Unless someone else has an idea about what to do with 300 metres of luscious silk?

I'm off to pet my yarn for a bit.