Friday, October 12, 2007

New Member

My knitting time will be further curtailed, it appears. We acquired a new furry member of the family today! He is a humane society rescue named Rocket. Although, since he doesn't seem to respond to that name, we are going to rename the fellow. Front runner appears to be "Dude"!

He is a bit hard to photograph, given his colouring, but here he is!

Better pictures to come, I promise. At the moment we are supervising the integration of Dude with the other 2 kitties we have. There is a fair bit of growling and hissing going on, but no outright fights. Dude does not appear to be interested in any kind of fighting, so hopefully this will continue and they will all adjust and get along.

I have no idea how Dude will react to knitting. He does not appear to be feral as he jumps up on laps and demands head rubbings. But he isn't fixed (don't worry, he will be!) Who would have a male kitty in their house, unfixed for any length of time? Seems strange to me. At any rate, clearly he is accustomed to humans. I just don't know if "knitting humans" is in his continuum of familiar things. I suspect not.

More on that later, once I have had a chance to test it out