Thursday, October 11, 2007

I Planned on Irritating Old Men Today

I keep having to go to work. That means the knitting gets seriously curtailed. Which bites severely.

Today, I had 2 different cranky old men claim I was trying to rip them off.

Both were on the provincial drug plan.

The first one didn't understand that the first time you get a medication, the govt only pays for a 30 day supply. That way if you have a reaction or something, the other 70 days doesn't get thrown out. He kept asking for proof that this was a government policy and not a store policy. Naturally the government website does not come in a user friendly format, so finding the info was a major pain.
If I could have just thrown the pills at him and told him to get out of my face, I would have.

The second one didn't (want to) understand that he had to pay the $100 annual deductible. He kept saying he already paid it at another store. Which he hadn't, since the info is kept in the central government database that then shoots a message back at us when we bill online. That was just what he was trying to use as an excuse.

That's right folks. Today, when my alarm went off, I thought to myself,"What can I do to piss off my customers today? I know, I'll lie about the government drugplan to all the senior citizens."


What a day. Where's my daquiri?