Monday, May 04, 2009

Wicked I-Want Startitis

I am slogging away on the Neverending Noragi. Another 7 inches to go on the sleeves. And then the fun of seaming it. I will spare you another brown blob picture. Just look at the last Noragi post and imagine it a bit longer. Naturally, whilst I am slogging, my mind wanders. What to knit next? I could pick up one of my ufo's I suppose. But wait, Yarn Crawl did a post on broomstick lace and hairpin lace. Which led me to Stitch Diva Studios, which then led to me seeing this

Do I do the dress? The top? Oh the agony of decision.

Wait, have I ever done hairpin lace you ask? Nope. It's a variation on crochet. Which I can do. Kinda. Hopefully I can master this. Cause I want that top, at the very least.

First, I have to find/make a hairpin lace loom. I'm hoping my LYS can help with this. Otherwise I will have to order one on line. We'll see I guess.