Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Other "Creative" Endeavours

Occasionally I branch out of the usual knitting and sewing creative acts. This is what I did last weekend:

Yup, I gardened. Pulled a ton of grass out of this flowerbed. It was turning to turf! Gave myself sore muscles weeding that all out. Then I planted my standby-marigolds. This bed faces south, gets full sun until about 7pm and is dirt I have added over the years over top of sand. Which means very fast drainage. I need a plant that can survive those conditions and my black thumb. Or perhaps I should say lazy thumb. Every year I tell myself that I will weed regularly etc. That lasts about a month. . Then I pretty much ignore the flowers till the fall when it's time to clean up the flowerbed. I do occasional half-hearted weeding.

That means I need tough plants that can stand the conditions and neglect. Hence, marigolds. which I also like, so it's all good.

What have you planted?