Monday, May 18, 2009

First Real Crochet

I got to the part in the Happy Hooker book where you start to make swatches and things that look like crochet. I am having fun with this, as it's the lacy effect crochet gives that I covet.

The rectangular swatch is 'v stitch'. The flower is ,well, a flower from the flower scarf in the book. I think I cast on the wrong number of stitches for the flower, as I had 6 spaces and not 8, but it is still a recognizable flower. (perhaps I shouldn't have had 2 Woody's vodka coolers before I attempted this) I'm pretty pleased with my first attempt at one.

As a little teaser of things to come, the crochet swatches are being nicely posed on the back of my Neverending Noragi. I have seamed it! I have woven in ends! I am now picking up stitches and knitting the neckband. Which means, the Neverending Noragi may actually end. I'm so excited..........time for another vodka cooler perhaps?