Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Special Terminology

Every activity seems to have it's own language. Knitters have stash, ufo's,wip. frogs etc.

Yesterday the hubby was watching baseball. Out of the blue he says "....and he gets a golden sombrero"

I had to ask. Sounds like it would be a good thing, right? Or possibly sexy. Nope. It's when a player strikes out 4 times in a game. The round sombrero equals a big zero. I asked why they don't call that a goose egg? Apparently that term is already in use to describe a scoreboard with zeros. Oops, my bad. A 'regular' sombrero is striking out 3 times in a game.

A pitcher with a rubber arm recovers from the rigors of the game rapidly. A player who hits a can of corn has actually hit a very high pop-fly. I suppose hitting an actual can of corn would be messy.

I have got to say that the terminology of baseball is very weird. How do they come up with some of that? I mean, can of corn?????

Glad I don'twatch the game myself. i'd be horribly confused. What with the looking out for hats and food items....