Friday, May 08, 2009

Are you Crafty?

The other day, a lady at the grocery store saw my recycled t-shirt grocery bags and said to me "that's clever!". So, I started paying attention to the bags that everyone else was bringing to the various stores I went to and I realized something. Mine were the only recycled/handmade/crafted bags I had seen! I had somehow assumed that people would make their own bags. Since I did.

This made me think about how there is a tendency for everyone to think that everyone else lives their life the same way as they do. I am a crafty kind of person, I think. I knit, I do HPL(!), I do a spot of sewing now and again. Then I thought about my friends and acquaintances. They all do crafty stuff too. They sew, or scrapbook, or bead, or knit....the list goes on.

Since I like to craft, it is no wonder that the people I choose to spend time with also have a similar bent. However, the rest of the world is NOT all crafty-type people. I know. It was a shocking revelation to me too. How can they go through life and not feel the need to create something with their own hands?

In other news...Look..KITTY!