Thursday, May 21, 2009

Noragi Completed!

I have finished the neverending knit! I am so happy with it. I was afraid it would be boring in a solid colour, but instead I think it looks very sophisticated. I wore it today to fight off the chill of air conditioning on before it's season and felt very elegant.

To whit, Noragi is complete!

The sun was creating some very odd lighting, but here is a pic of the sleevesand another lseeve picture, just because I like the way the lighting was.This knit is very successful. I am completely happy with it.

Pattern: Noragi from the book Knit Kimono

Yarn: Tibet from Lana Grawitz

Mods: knit as per pattern except for neckband. Instead of knitting separately and seaming on, I picked up stitches and knit it on directly. I picked up one stitch for each ridge or 2 stitches along the sides and 1 stitch for each column of stitches across the top.

Now bring on the hairpin lace!