Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pill Filling Fun

High points from yesterday's work action:

1. We (as in the pharmacy) do not decide your deductible. There is no point asking "why your brother pays a lower deductible than me?" When I tell you to call the provider of said insurance cause it's their contract, that's what I mean. Not "negotiate with me what you'll pay"

2. I didn't fill the 3 things on your prescription cause you told me to fill 2 and to leave the orange one on file. So, when I get to the cash with your bag of completed scripts, don't ask why I didn't fill that one. Also, don't give me a run around about how you have it at home, when, eventually, you tell me you lost it and actually want it filled. I don't care why you need it. Just tell me you need it!

3. If you call in to fill your young daughter's prescriptions, at least know how many different pills she gets. Telling me to 'fill them all' is just an exercise in futility, since it means there will invariably be one missed or an extra one you don't want.

4. If you call and ask for what sounds like 'pravachol', please don't jsut say 'yes' when I tell you I can't find pravachol on your file. Furthermore, service will be quicker if, when I spell pravachol and you tell me no, that's not what you want, you go on to tell me what it IS you want. When I ask you to spell it (since I clearly can't understand your mumbling) please don't respond with " you know, it's on my file"!!!!! There are elevendy billionty things on your file. If you want me to randomly select one, I can do that, just say so. Don't argue with me when it's not what you wanted, though.

5. Dude calls and says he wants some stuff delivered. Then he goes on to say "mouthwash.." I cut him off and ask if it is non-prescription stuff. He says yes. I give him to the front shop. Who then bounce it back to me. Because he needs a pharmacist to write down his refill numbers. That is a surefire way to get your script bumped to the bottom of the pile. You see, the normal flow is tech takes number, fills it, hands it to me and then I check it. When you give me the number, it messes up workflow and everybody has to wait longer while I stop what I am doing and trot back with the request ask the tech where in her workflow she is and then slot it in. It pisses me off if you interrupt me for this. If it is a busy day, as today was since it is the day after a stat holiday, I won't ask the tech. I will put it at the bottom of a rather substantial to-do pile. It also implies that you think you are better than all the other customers since you will only give your numbers to the pharmacist. It does not endear you to me. Trust me.