Thursday, May 07, 2009

Hairpin Lace, Joined

I joined the 2 strips of hairpin lace I made yesterday.
The first hurdle was that the 2 strips were not the same length.
So I went to the Stitch Diva website and followed instructions to carefully unravel the extra loops. So here is a picture of the right side of my 2 joined strips, right side:

and wrong side:There is a noticeable ridge on the wrong side. I imagine that if I used thinner yarn (this is worsted weight) that would be minimized. now to make another strip or 2 and join them. Apparently, HPL has a bit of a slant to it, so it is important to join multiple strips in a way to minimize that. But Iwill need more strips to do that!

Overall,, the joining was quite easy. This was the simplest join. Just a basic single crocheting of 2 loops at a time. I will have to practice some of the other variations and perhaps try a free pattern to practice the techniques to get different patterns in the lace.