Monday, April 21, 2008

Well, Crap. Times 2.

Filed my taxes. "Crap"#1. Turns out I owe the government even more money. After all my deductions for a small business, saving for retirement etc, I still get taxed at a 22% rate. And that's not counting the 5% GST and 8% PST I pay on pretty well everything I purchase. Oh yeah, and the gas taxes. The taxes in this country are ridiculous. It wouldn't irritate me so much, but what are my taxes going for? The infrastructure in the country is starting to rust away, the health care system has huge problems, and the military don't have equimpment that is even remotely modern. I suppose my taxes go to help the disabled. Umm, wait! I wear 2 hearing aids, the likes of which I couldn't work without, and the government only funded 12% of that cost. Welfare? Could it be that much of the budget? Oh wait, it's my member of parliament. They get a huge paycheqe, get 3 hour lunches, work 4 days a week for only 6 months (if that) a year. Sweet gig, if you can get it.

Enough ranting. (I do this every year at tax time. It pisses me off) Time for the knitting.

This is "crap"#2. My Leaf Tank. Looks like it is almost ready for the shoulder straps, doesn't it? Yeah. Not so much. When I started the decreasing, I merrily knit away with a "YO k2tog k2" When I should have been "YO K2tog k1"-ing. Or something. I was pissed off last night and just bundled it away. I will sort it out on a day I am home during the daylight hours. It may not be an entirely bad thing though. I think it is a bit long for me. So ,since I will be frogging anyway...I just may frog a bit more to make it shorter. Some mulling over of said project is called for.